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My Favorite Blooper Video of Cathy Ever
Cathy Kates announced today that she is leaving us.  It's incredibly sad and I'll miss her a lot.  I've been going back through the memories we've had and this one came up.  This pretty much sums up our relationship the past few years.
Some Jerk Broke My Chair [VIDEO]
I don't know what it is about returning from a vacation from work, but something is always out of its place.  As soon as I sat down this morning, my chair started squeaking.   It kind of disrupted the show as you can see.
World's Toughest Rodeo Rides Into The Xcel Energy Center
It's the L O N G E S T 8 seconds of a cowboys life, on the back of a bucking bronco, but totally worth the cheer of the crowd!  If you love all the excitement that a rodeo brings to the arena, then you won't want to miss the World's Toughest Rodeo 2016 and you can win your way th…
Can You Answer The Breakfast Club Brainteaser Question
Congrats to Joe B. he heard the Brain Teaser question while he was heading out to ice fish with a buddy on Chequamegon Bay. He won a pair of tickets to Dubhlinn Irish Pub's Pro Comedy Tour by answering this question:  Americans spend a billion dollars a year on THIS clothing item.  Wh…

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