A former Minnesota Vikings great says it was a pick for the Pack.

UWS Hall of Famer Doug Sutherland was asked about the Packers-Seattle game on Monday and he said that the replacement referees got the call wrong and that M.D. Jennings should have had an interception on that play in which Golden Tate scored.  He agreed, the Packers should have won, and that’s saying something since Doug played for Seattle for one season in 1981 where he concluded his NFL playing career.

Sutherland said it was disappointing for the Packers but it didn’t end their season, like it did for him and the Minnesota Vikings back in 1975. Pre-instant replay.  He said, “I thought it was a bad call, (on Monday) it was an interception. It happens, it happened to us. And Dallas went on to win the Super Bowl that year.”  Vikings defensive back Nate Wright was pushed to the ground, and Dallas W.R. Drew Pearson made the catch for a 50 yard touchdown.  The game was at the old Met Stadium Dec 28th 1975.

Sutherland knows a thing or two about a push-off play.  He was on the field, for that Hail Mary play  when Dallas scored on a 50 yard TD pass to beat the Vikings in the NFC playoffs in 1975, 17-14.

Sutherland was named one of the 50 of the Greatest Vikings of all time, and over the summer was inducted in the WIAC Hall of Fame for his play at UWS for football and track and field.

Sutherland, a Superior, WI native,  was part of the famous “Purple People Eaters” for the Vikings.  He was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the 14th  round back in 1970.

His concerns over the officials might soon be coming to an end thou.  Its possible Week 4 games of the NFL could have the regular officials.  Progress was being made in talks between the league and the Officials Union as of Wednesday night, but still not final deal.

The regular officials have been locked out for all of the preseason games and for the first three games of the regular season.  Several NFL Coaches were fined for their actions and comments on the officials over the weekend.

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