Yes, NOW...and if you are the parent of a high school junior, you should take note.  Think about it, you are planning a grad parties in the month that is the start of the busy wedding season.  While you may not think this would affect YOUR party, it could.  I learned the hard way and want to share my knowledge with you in hopes you avoid the frustration and last minute scrambling I experienced.

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    Now is the time to start mapping out the location of tables, food, chairs, fire rings, everything.  You may have had a plan in your head for months and THINK you have time, but the party date will come fast and landscaping, especially if you're doing it yourself, can take some time.

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    July 24th 2010, Outdoor Party

    Remember, you are competing with other high schools in the area AND outdoor weddings for the rental of tables, chairs, tents and DJ services.  You NEED to book and secure your rentals now to ensure you'll have everything to make your grad's special day complete!

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    buffet (3)

    Whether your party is indoors or outdoors, if you're planning on saving yourself the hassle of making all the food and going with a caterer.  Book NOW!  Again, you not only have competition with other parties and events, but you are going to be so busy with other details of the party, you will have to find the time to meet with your caterer.  Do it now, you might even save some bucks by securing them this early.

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    Job Application

    I know, I know!  Your grad is worried about finals at school, what college their planning on attending and still trying to fit in extra-curricular activities both at school and with friends, but it's time to get those applications in for a summer job.  Honestly, you want them to be making some money to contribute to college, right?  Here's the thing.  They can apply locally, especially if they plan on attending a local college, but if they are going to a college out of town, it almost makes sense for them to get their apps in there too.  When the college students move back home for the summer it leaves some jobs open and if they are able to snatch those up now, they'll be guaranteed a job for when they start school in the Fall.  Granted, they'll leave the nest a little early, but it helps to have them familiar with the new town, their new living arrangements and it won't be SUCH a change for them when they start school in September.  Trust me, that in itself is overwhelming. To have to deal with a new community,having to do their own laundry and feed themselves all in one weekend, (once you drive away), it can really take a toll on their first semester grades.

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    2005 Grandma's Marathon

    My husband and I run Grandma's Marathon every year.  He is a high school Math teacher.  So, it's a given that we will receive several graduation party invites.  I am surprised at how many of them are scheduled on Grandma's Marathon weekend.  Last year we had one that was at a house a block up from London Road.  It would be nearly impossible for guests to GET to that party, let alone find parking.  It doesn't matter if you have a runner in your family or friend base, what matters is that your party guests will be trying to drive in our town with road blocks, thousands of people in for the marathon and the fact that most hotels will be completely booked.

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