When you order 600 chicken fingers for a graduation party, you probably wouldn't even worry about them going missing. That's pretty much what happened in Maple Grove.

According to Kare11, seniors Taylor Brodersen and Jimmy Lu had a joint grad party. The main menu item to be served was 600 chicken fingers ordered from Maple Grove's Raising Cane's. When they went to pick up the order right before the party, they were informed someone else had picked up the chicken fingers.

How does this happen? What is the likelihood of two different people ordering 600 chicken fingers? I would think that if you got the wrong order and saw it was like, I don't know, 580 chicken fingers more than you expected you might say something.

Who ate these chicken fingers? Where did they go? The restaurant is investigating what happened and whether it was a misunderstanding or intentional.

The good news is, even with their order going missing, Raising Cane's came in clutch and was able to whip out 200 chicken fingers right away, and then had the remaining 400 ready within an hour. Nice job!

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