Congratulations to our daughter, Kylee.  On Sunday, she walked across the stage in  the DECC auditorium to accept her diploma, a high school graduate.  The closing of one door, but the opening of another for herto  continue her life's journey.  Exciting and scary at the same time.  Her future plans are set, at least for next year.

She will be a Bulldog, attending UMD in the Fall.  I know many parents are envious, as their graduate, their child, their baby is traveling to attend a school much farther away.  I consider myself very lucky and am thrilled!

I am now a parent of a College freshman.  I can't believe that it was so many years ago that we were preparing her for Kindergarten.  Looking back through the years, there is one piece of advice that I want to share with parents of young children, especially those starting Kindergarten (but it's never too late if your child is older).

MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE OTHER PARENTS.  I know, I know, it's awkward, you don't like meeting new people and you'll only see them once in a while.  BUT, if you take the time to introduce yourself to a couple of people (especially those that are parents of your child's friends), you have someone to seek out at the next awkward function, and pretty soon, it's not so awkward.  You have someone to call if you don't quite understand what the school administration is asking of you and if you can't pick your child up because you're stuck at work, maybe they will.

I realized that on Sunday as I was seeing the parents of Kylee's graduating classmates.  I have watched them come and go from choir concerts, sporting events and now graduation.  I wondered if I would run into them again, some I will, some I won't, but as Kylee's door opens to make new friends and meet new people in College, so does mine and I'm looking forward to it.

I love you Ky!  Keep opening those doors, dancing the dance and being the incredible individual you are.......(insert Rascal Flatt's "My Wish" here)

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