Warmer weather is (probably) on the horizon as we head into the rest of spring. What better way to celebrate than getting out and exploring the Northland?

Over the next few months, Visit Duluth and the City of Duluth are partnering with members of the tourism industry to celebrate the great place we live. "Community Days" will offer special deals to different attractions and experiences in the area.

According to Visit Duluth's website, the goal is to showcase the best Duluth and surrounding areas have to offer. They say, "the goal is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the industry that our community invests in through tourism tax."

Residents can score deals to places like the Lake Superior Zoo, the Duluth Depot and the Glensheen.

The fun begins Monday, April 2nd. Duluth residents can head to Great Lakes Aquarium for free. Admission and parking will come at no charge.

Mark your calendars! You can find a full list of events for April and May here.


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