You know what's better than our jokes this morning? Pretty much everything! That didn't stop us from telling them for the Monday Morning Laugh Off.

Each Monday around 7:10 on the New Breakfast Club with Ken and Lauren, we have a joke war. Basically, we tell each other three jokes and whoever laughs first, loses! It is usually me but I have had a few victories in recent memory.

Ken was off this morning so Chris Allen stepped in. The stakes were high as we were texting and trash talking each other prior to the joke fest. He said he had never laughed at one of my jokes and I said I was bringing my A-game. In the end, I lost but it wasn't for lack of trying.

So what was the joke that did me in? I will give you a hint: it had to do with the Empire State Building. I think I only laughed because I was shocked at how dumb it was but for this segment, that usually means it will get a laugh or two.

My jokes about gingerbread men and golf didn't quite land so this time around, Chris Allen takes the win. Sigh. Hear our jokes by watching the video above.

By the way - you can get a laugh by watching our previous joke offs here.

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