There is a billboard on Highway 169 in Minnesota that has a pretty unique saying on it. Have you seen this billboard?

This isn't the first time billboards in Minnesota have been making waves this year. Minnesota realtor Kris Lindahl filed a trademark for his "iconic" arms out pose and his guaranteed offer. Lindahl has since filed a lawsuit against another realtor in Ontario, Canada. The realtor was accused of using the arms outreached pose in marketing campaigns including social media, online, and bus advertisements.

There's a billboard for Sherman Pole Buildings in Princeton, Minnesota. They currently have a slogan where they say "Quality Erections" in a campaign called "You're Not Gonna Like This Karen". They even have shirts that say "Quality Erections".

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Sherman Pole Buildings started in 1976 under the name Kelling Construction. Since then, they changed the name to Sherman Pole buildings and "expanded their scope with a significant amount of experience coming from their post-frame construction experience". They also:

 Believe in building quality, functional, and attractive buildings at a reasonable price.

Sherman is a full-service contractor and lumber yard specializing in post-frame or pole building. When I saw the pic on reddit, I knew I had to do some research on this well-played advertising. I'm sure the billboard can be the talk of the town and definitely the talk of travelers as they pass by.

Check out the video below from imgur of the "Quality Erections" billboard below off Highway 169 in Princeton.

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