You may not be familiar with "Edible Duluth", launched through the City Of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department, but it is a great community project and they could use your help.

In 2012, the City of Duluth Park Maintenance Division organized the planting
of fruit trees in City parks. The trees, all apple and cherry, were planted to encourage “public
edible landscaping” – a practice being done in many cities across the nation that provides
public spaces for fruit and vegetable production. The fruit trees have also served as a catalyst for the development of a new City effort called Edible Duluth.

As the project continues to grow in the 2015 growing season, they are looking for orchard “adopters” who will be tasked with monitoring, watering, mulching and caring for the trees, in partnership with the City and Park Maintenance. Additionally, as fruit production increases significantly over the next few years, neighborhood adopters will be asked to help coordinate harvest parties and other events ensure the fruit is utilized and consumed

This is a terrific opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and be a part of something great for the community.  You can find the complete listing of tree locations below, and contact City Of Duluth Parks and Recreation for complete volunteer details.

For specific questions, feel free to e mail Cheryl Skafte at