Our veterans thought nothing of fighting for our freedom and sacrificing their lives to keep us safe with continued freedom in our Country.  Now they need a small piece of our time and a set of wheels.  Can you help by being a volunteer driver?

According to Dan Welsand of DAV of Minnesota Transportation Program, "the number one barrier between veterans and health care is transportation".  There is a program in our area through the DAV Minnesota Transportation Program, that provides Minnesota veterans in need with transportation to the VA Medical Centers in the Twin Cities and in Superior.  The vet's appointments in the Twin Cities are Monday-Thursday and Monday through Friday in Superior, WI.

DAV will be flexible with your schedule and you would be picking your veteran up at either a pre-determined location or if that's hard for them to get to you may be asked to pick them up at their home.  Either way, I bet you'll make a new friend who is grateful for your volunteerism.  It's easy to become a volunteer.  It involves a health assessment, one day of orientation so you know what you're doing, a check of your driving records and a background check.  If you want to learn more or want to volunteer call Dan at 218.204.0693.  You can also email him at dan@davmn.org.

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