Hermantown native Rafe Carlson just released a brand new song and the meaning behind it is extra special. He debuted the song Friday (November 11th) in honor of Veterans Day and vets across the area.

In case you didn't know, Rafe is an up-and-coming artist who has been splitting his time between Minnesota and Nashville. He is making a name for himself, even opening for Jake Owen at Bayfront Country Jam earlier this summer.

That wasn't his first rodeo, as he's been playing shows and releasing songs consistently over the past year. He released a song called Just Can't Explain in early 2022 and is currently working on a full album.

He is also holding band rehearsals in Nashville and was set to be part of a large production. Details on this are mum, as he can't contractually say what the project was, but he is no longer a part of the project.

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That means Rafe has more time for music, like the new song he dropped on Friday. He had performed the song before during one of his visits with The Breakfast Club but he just released the full studio version.

The song is called A Place To Fall and it is a song dedicated to veterans everywhere. According to Rafe, he wrote the song for a film called We Got Your Six. The film is about vets that struggle with PTSD and what happens when they come back home.

Rafe used the film and his own family connections to the military as his inspiration for the song. He will be donating ten times the revenue he gets from people streaming the song to 23rd Veteran, a local veteran organization.

The song is very somber and emotional. You can hear it below:

Aside from donating his streaming revenue and then some, Rafe also set up a page via his website where you can donate to the cause directly. Every single dollar raised in that way will go to 23rd Veteran.

Rafe will be in studio with The Breakfast Club Monday (November 14th) to talk more about the song. As someone with several veterans in my family, I am thankful for everything he is doing to help vets in our area. Let's help him give back.

Rafe has several other songs out that you can listen to as well. He released his first single in August of last year. It is called Lost and Found. He is a Hermantown High School native, by the way.

You can see Rafe in person as he continues to tour locally! He has shows lined up locally through December and January. He spent most of this year touring, playing more than 140 shows across several different states.

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