Last fall B105 listeners said Duluth's own Whiskey Trail Band was the best area band, now they are in the Country Risers finals and need your vote to win.

Whiskey Trail is made up of Heidi Pack and Jake Birdseye. Heidi got her start singing in her parents church at the age of 4. As she got older she could feel the lure of music calling her. She started singing in bands and then wanted to strike it out on her own.

Fate stepped in and sent her Jake Birdseye. Jake picked up a guitar at age 10 teaching himself and writing songs. Heidi posted an ad looking for a back up guitarist. During the audition each noticed the chemistry in song writing and how well their voices blended in harmony. The audition soon became a band practice and Whiskey Trail began at that moment.

Whiskey Trail considers their unique vocal harmonies as a strong point of their show. Even when they cover one of their influences like Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Little Big Town, and The Civil Wars it doesn’t sound like the original. As Heidi puts it, that each cover they do never sounds like the artist they do, “It sounds like Whiskey Trial”. Which is what they incorperate into their own music.

Whiskey Trail is enjoying a little popularity with some airplay, a growing fan base, and packed halls for their busy booking schedule. Whiskey Trail’s popularity has led to opening for Parmalee, Frankie Ballard, & GB Leighton. In a short time Whiskey Trail has built up a strong fan base with a following that demands they come back.

Whiskey Trail is one of the finalists nationally for Taste Of Country

Whiskey Trail is currently working on their first project with hopes of a fall release. They need your help to make this happen. Each donation will go towards the release of their first project. This is NOT cheap but with the help of Whiskey Trails wonderful family, friends and fans this is possible!


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