A Duluth woman is out $1,000 dollars after falling for a scam phone call last Wednesday.

WDIO spoke to the woman this week. The victim told the news station that she wanted to share her story so that others hear it and don't fall for the same scam.

According to the report, the woman was contacted on Halloween from someone claiming to work at a sweepstakes company. The person on the other line told her she'd won millions of dollars AND a new motor home but she'd have to send them a cashier's check worth about $1,000 dollars to pay for shipping.

She sent in the check and only learned it was a scam when she called the company to confirm her winnings. Unfortunately, it was too late.

See WDIO's full report below:

While you may be rolling your eyes at someone actually falling for something like this, scammers are getting more sophisticated in their methods. For example, the Duluth Police Department recently warned Northland residents of a similar scam that uses advanced phishing and caller I.D. techniques to make it seem legitimate.

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