Is it just me or is there always some sort of scam going around the area? Ugh.

The Duluth Police Department is warning the public of yet another new scam going around. This time, the hackers are using caller I.D. tricks to lure victims and make it seem legitimate. According to the Department, they have already started to receive reports about it.

The DPD shared some insight about the new scam on their Facebook page Thursday afternoon.

Here's how it works: the scammer calls someone and pretends to be from their bank. They warn the victim that someone has been using their debit card and asks them to verify their social security number and card information to make it stop.

This scam seems more sophisticated from the rest, though. As mentioned, the scammer here uses a special caller I.D. trick to display the name of your bank, which makes it seem like it's the real deal.

According to the warning put out by Duluth Police, scammers are banking on you being so rattled by their fake call that you don't take the time to actually go check your statement and see if the claims are true.

It seems there is always a scam of some sort going on in the area. A few months back, Duluth Police warned the public about a 'secret shopper' scam making its way across the city.

One jury duty scam got so bad in September that a statewide alert was issued to prevent anyone else from falling victim.

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