Jury duty scams have been hitting Minnesota as of late and it has now gotten so bad that the Minnesota Judicial Branch has issued a statewide alert about it.

According to the alert, counties and district courts are hearing that Minnesotans are being slammed with fake jury duty summons and calls yet again, via fraudulent and threatening phone calls and e-mails.

The scams work just like most others: a Minnesotan receives a call or email asking for personal information or money and threatened with fines or jail time if they don't do as they are instructed.

The alert suggests that Minnesotans be extra cautious and vigilant and study up on the jury duty process so they can be educated. The most important thing to note is that those summoned for jury duty will be initially contacted in the mail. No one will be reached any other way and nobody will be asked for private or personal information.

You are asked to contact your local county sheriff's office if you receive a phone call or email of this nature.

I have never been summoned for jury duty so it is good to know that you won't be contacted on the phone, which is what I would expect.

Minnesota isn't the only state to fall victim to rising scams these days. Late last month, the Superior Police Department warned residents that tax scams were becoming more prevalent in the area.

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