It looks like 2021 is off to a record-breaking year!

According to Meteorologist Brandon Weathers, we are seeing one of our warmest January months on record so far. He shared this news on his Facebook page Friday (January 15th).

It should be noted that this is subject to change as January isn't even close to over yet. The statistic is for the month up to the fourteenth of January. Up to that point, we saw our second warmest January month on record.

The average temperature for the month of January in the Duluth area is just about ten degrees. We have seen an average between twenty-three and twenty-four degrees in the area this month!

Our warmest January on record happened back in 2006 where we saw an average of almost twenty-four degrees in the Duluth area. The January of 1944 rounds out the top three. Brandon notes that we may take over the top spot at some point this month but doesn't think we will claim it for good.

The Old Farmer's Almanac made their predictions for the month as always but the predictions did not include record-breaking warmth for our area. In fact, they are predicting snow and cold temperatures closing out the rest of the month. This should impact the record we are holding strong at so far!

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2020 was a record-breaking year so we will see if 2021 follows suit. For example, 2020 was one of the warmest years ever for Minnesota and Wisconsin. The year also included record-breaking heat in November and one of the gloomiest January months ever.

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