I received my first item from Duluth Trading Company as a gift on Father's Day of last year.  It was a pair of Fire Hose Flex Pants.  They weren't cheap and I would never have spent $70 on a pair of pants, but I'm sure glad I did. 6 months went by and I had a problem with them.  I've heard they were good with returns and honoring their product, but I was was weary.

Let's start off talking about these pants.  Rugged, durable, and most importantly they are comfortable.  I've never found a pair of pants that have fit or felt better.  The problem I had was that one of my pairs somehow shrunk quite a bit.  I could still wear them but I had lost a good inch on the lenght and they were a little tight.  I know it was weight gain or anything like that because the other pairs I had bought still fit great.

I've heard from several people how good they are with their No Bull Guarantee but I was skeptical.  First off, I didn't have a receipt as it was a gift.  Second, it had been 6 months of wearing them.  (They had stains, and faded a bit.) And thirdly, what company is going to replace a piece of clothing that shrank most likely in the wash?

Duluth Trading Company did.  I explained that these pants had shrunk unlike my other ones and she said it is very rare but it does happen.  I gave her the name of who bought me the pants and they had me go pick up another pair.  No charge, no hassle, no problem.

I was so happy I went and bought another pair, a new belt, and a new shirt.  I'll have to say that I am very happy with the products and the company and there really was "no bull" to deal with on my return.

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