Changes could be coming to the Duluth Target Store that would include expanding the store's size by approximately 12% while adding new conveniences for customers.

Our media partners at WDIO-TV are reporting that Target has submitted documents to the Duluth Planning Commission regarding a proposed 16,448 square-foot addition on the north side of the building, which is the side closest to Mall Drive.

The documents reportedly also state that as part of the expansion, the store plans to add an adult beverage department near the entrance and expand their grocery area. They will also complete an entire remodel of the store's interior, including a reorganization of the checkout area.

WDIO-TV viewed the development application and shared the following passage, which was written by Target officials:

"This reinvestment in our store and property will enable Target to continue to be a strong employment center and sales tax generator for the City of Duluth and the surrounding community for decades to come. This proposed multimillion dollar remodel and expansion investment will allow Target to improve our guest experience, product deliver and operational efficiency, be it in the store or through online fulfillment services."

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As for the timeline for this project, the hope is that it will begin as early as spring of 2022 and then be completed sometime in 2023. If you wondering if you can still make your Target runs during that time, you'll be happy to know the store plans on staying open throughout the expansion project.

The Duluth Planning Commission is expected to review the this expansion request at its meeting on Tuesday, October 12.

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