If you caught a recent episode of 'Ellen' then you may have recognized a familiar face!

A Duluthian named Amanda Moore got the surprise of a lifetime while attending the daytime talk show. She was called down to the stage to play a game of 'Ellen's Road To Riches' one-on-one with the celebrity herself.

Running down the aisle the second her name was called, Moore explained that she's a big fan of the host and her mobile app game 'Roads To Riches Slots.' She explained that she plays it so much, she's accrued nearly $3 million in app money, which brought her to the attention of DeGeneres.

The two played a version of that game in real time with many laughs in between. Moore started off strong and when things started getting harder, DeGeneres gave her some helpful tips. In the end, the Northland native won big to the tune of $10,000. There may have been a little cheating, too. Ha!

Moore told WDIO that being on the show was the best day of her life. She also said she plans on donating her winning funds to Ellen's Wildlife Gorilla Fund.

The episode aired on Thursday. Watch Moore's clip above.

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