Another day, another scam in the Northland.

The Duluth Police Department issued a warning to their Facebook page early Monday morning. According to the post, they received a tip about a potential scam in the area.

Apparently, a Duluth resident was contacted by someone claiming to be a man named Andrew Shaw. The email address used as a point of contact was ""

The email asked for $175 from a local funeral home to "put an ad in a newsletter showing that they were supporters of the Union Resource guide." An address was provided.

The resident followed the instructions and sent the check, which was ultimately returned.

Through an investigation, the Duluth Police Department came to the conclusion that the entire ruse was a scam.

They are asking that anyone else that receives a similar email to this one delete it and do not respond. They also ask that you share this information so nobody else becomes a victim.

This is just one of a recent wave of scams in the Northland. In March, an elaborate and fast-moving cell phone scam hit the area. Shortly after, the Federal Trade Commission issued a warning about a new scam gaining traction across the country. Just last month, the Cloquet Police Department warned of another cell phone scam hitting the area.

If you want to avoid becoming a victim of a scam in the future, this video may help.

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