The Duluth Police Department has a message about your vehicle that you probably should make note of.

The Duluth Police Department posted a reminder to residents on their Facebook page Thursday (December 19th) regarding leaving cars unlocked, no matter what time of year. Here's what they had say:

We have been getting multiple calls per day for vehicle thefts that could have been avoided. In most instances, the cars are left running, unlocked, with the keys in the ignition. That's like an open invitation to a car thief, who are always on the lookout for their next opportunity! We understand a warm car is nice this time of year, but a cold car is better than a stolen car!


This is obviously super important to remember in the winter, as many people choose to warm up their cars before getting into them in the bitter cold. While this may seem like a good idea at the time, it may be best to rethink it this time of year.
Back in October, the Duluth Police Department issued a similar reminder to residents, asking them not to leave their car running in the winter.
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