This is a good reminder as Mother Nature slowly reminds us that winter is indeed headed our way!

The Duluth Police Department issued a note to their Facebook followers Monday (October 28th), reminding them that they shouldn't leave their cars running and unattended when the temperatures drop. Why? The reason is simple: car theft.

Here's what they had to say on the issue:

Everyone likes getting into a warm vehicle especially during the winter months. Duluth Police wants to remind the public that several vehicles come up missing when vehicles are left running unattended with keys in the ignition. If you have to run into the store or elsewhere, make sure to shut your vehicle off and take your keys with you even if it’s for a minute. Nothing would ruin your day like coming outside and find your vehicle missing.

That makes sense! As much as we love to get into a warm car in the winter, it really isn't worth the risk of your car getting stolen.

Just a week ago, the Duluth Police Department issued another important message to residents: lock your car and your home! They say they see a connection between those that leave their doors unlocked and burglaries.

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