Spring is here - almost. With that, we get longer days and some much-deserved nice weather after a long and grueling winter.

Even though we are only in mid-March, spring is already in the air, with temperatures hitting the upper 40s already this month. The National Weather Service of Duluth is also forecasting an amazing weekend for the holiday that just screams spring.

It wouldn't be out of the question to see cold temperatures or a major snowstorm in the Twin Ports at this point of the year but we will take what we have and run with it. However, it does have its cons as well.

With spring comes the risk of flooding in the Twin Ports and Northland in general. This is something the National Weather Service of Duluth warned of earlier this month, stating that the potential for spring flooding is higher than usual in our area.

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While we wait for things to thaw out a bit, there is something you can do right now to mitigate the impacts of spring flooding for when that time comes. FOX 21 Chief Meteorologist Sam Gabrielli shared a great tip to help get ahead of it on his Facebook page Wednesday (March 16).

It is simple and could save yourself a lot of time in the long run! Try to clear out the drains on your residential street near your home if you haven't already. This will make it much easier when things really start to heat up in the Northland.

As if we weren't already excited for spring, it will be even more welcome after a cold winter. This winter has actually been cooler than average for a Duluth winter, which is saying a lot considering it is always frigid!

Not to mention, with spring also comes our favorite seasonal businesses opening for business once again. Gordy's Hi-Hat recently announced their big opening date and it happens to be before the end of the month!

They always close up shop for the winter and reopen when spring is near. It will be their 62nd season in business. There is no doubt it is one of the most delicious ways to tell that spring is right around the corner.

Not only that, but the Dairy Queen location in West Duluth is also open for business. Another seasonal business, the location serves treats only and when they open for the season, it usually means winter is coming to an end.

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