I know Bea Ojakangas as a Dress Barn model for the Women's Expo, and every year she is a show stopping favorite!  Of course, that's a side line for her, she is actually world famously known for her culinary skills and authoring several Cook Books.

How would YOU like to learn how to make "Artisan Rhubarb Jams, Preserves and Condiments" IN Bea's home kitchen in rural Duluth?  It's part of a class she's holding on Monday, June 18 and in conjunction with CHUM’s Rhubarb Festival with proceeds benefiting CHUM programs.

Bea will demonstrate how artisans make handcrafted, small batches of jams, jellies and preserves in delicious and unique sweet and savory flavor combinations using rhubarb, fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs. Some of Bea’s creations include rhubarb ginger preserves and minted rhubarb chutney, as well classics like rhubarb-strawberry jam. Students will get to sample Bea’s work, and they’ll learn how to use artisan preserves to enliven summer menus.

To try to accommodate to the vast numbers of anticipated students, Bea will be offering the class twice on Monday, June 18.  From 2-4p, then again from 6-8p.  It's important to reserve your spot and soon, it's a first come, first served basis for either class.  Cost of the class is a $50.00 check made to CHUM.  Send it to:

CHUM   ATTN: Rhubarb Festival Cooking Class, 102 West Second Street,  Duluth, MN 55802

For additional information about the class, call CHUM at (218) 720-6521.

Info via: CHUM Press Release/Mary Schmitz



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