The purchase is off.  Another developer for the former Duluth Central High School site has pulled out its deal with the Duluth School District.  Saturday Properties was expected to enter into a purchase agreement with the district for the 55 acre site that sits near Central Entrance and Mesaba Avenue.  However, the developer informed the district that they would not be moving forward on Friday, March 4. The reason behind the decision has not been announced.

The severed deal will not affect the other purchase that has already occurred between the two entities. In February, Saturday Properties paid $3 million for the Historic Old Central Building - located in downtown Duluth.

The Duluth Central at the top of the hill has sat vacant since 2011, when consolidation and the "controversial Red Plan" closed the building and left the city with two high schools: East and Denfeld. Since that time, what to do with the building has been a hot topic and sore spot for many.


According to a story from our news partners at WDIO, Duluth School officials remain confident in a future for the building site.  Superintendent John Magas shared that: "[w]hile we are disappointed by this news, we are completely confident that the property has unique value for a future developer".

As such, the district still plans on demolishing the Central High School building at some point this year.  That demolition would make the property more "shovel ready" for a developer.  The district also still plans on building a new "transportation facility and new administrative offices on the back of the property.  [That] project is expected to begin this spring, with completion in mid-2023".

For now, the property is still on the market.  Asking price for the 55 acre site is $7.9 million.

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