It's National Bike to Work Day this Friday and the DTA is getting involved.  Now I understand the premise is to actually "bike to work", but with the hills in Duluth no one is going to jump on ya if you take the DTA back home, that hill after a long days work could be brutal.

It was actually Bike to Work Week, but with the torrential winds, rain and even hail in some parts, I don't blame you if you decide to just do Friday.  I live down the hill and at the time I go to work in the morning the DTA isn't running yet, so I have to rely on you to celebrate the day for me.

The DTA is a supporting sponsor of the 2017 Bus Bike Walk Month campaign so this makes total sense to offer the free rides on Friday.  Maybe you've seen the bike racks on the front of the buses in town and since you are unfamiliar with how they work you've avoided it.  No worries, the DTA staff will be holding bike rack demonstrations so you can learn and start to take advantage of the free service.  Why not?  You'll save money riding the bus and not having to pay for parking while you're getting exercise.  The demonstrations will be held at the Lake Superior Plaza on the corner of Superior Street and Lake Avenue from 6:30 to 8:30am this Friday.

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