Duluth Public Schools and the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) have partnered to launch a pilot program that will allow both Duluth students and staff to ride city buses free of charge.

This will not only provide convenience to students and staff, but it will help solve transportation issues within the district as well as the lack of school bus drivers.

When taking the bus students are advised to have their student ID ready before the bus approaches. Once they board the bus, they will need to present their student ID to the bus driver, who will then press a button for the free ride.

Duluth Public Schools confirmed the agreement in its January 5 newsletter, stating:

It is with great pleasure that we announce that beginning Jan. 16, all high school students — Denfeld, East, ALC and AEO students — will be able to ride the DTA buses for free by presenting a CURRENT student ID. This is a pilot program that the DTA has been willing to provide to all high school students through the end of the school year.

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While it's great that the free rides will be available both to and from school, a bonus is there are no restrictions on when students can utilize this program. Therefore, they can get free rides at night and on the weekends, which leaders hope encourages students to utilize the free rides to attend after-school programs. Students with jobs could also get free city bus rides to work.

Duluth Public Schools notes that all the rules and policies listed in the Student Handbook are expected to be followed while riding the DTA buses.

They add that if a student is found breaking the rules or misbehaving they may be disciplined per the student handbook (Page 30).

Duluth Denfeld High School - Duluth School District in Duluth, MN
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School officials hope students take advantage of this free opportunity, and if everything goes well they will be able to expand the program next school year. They add that more information will be mailed to families with High School students, and they can expect other communication as well.

The DTA reminds families that this pilot program begins on Tuesday, January 16.

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