Riding a bicycle as a mode of transportation is a great thing.  It's not only better for the environment, it's also good exercise, but I have issues with a majority of bicyclists who ride on public roads.

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At least the majority of them that I encounter, and that's because many don't follow the law.  While a bicycle is not classified as a motor vehicle, bicyclists are considered traffic per Minnesota Statute 169.011, Subdivision 84 and have the same rights and responsibilities applicable to the driver of a vehicle according to Minnesota Statute 169.222, Subdivision 1.

That means when using a legal roadway, they need to stop at stop signs, stop lights, and basically act as if they were driving a car or truck.  I see that not happening all of the time, and it's not just bicyclists who are clearly commuting, it's also the ones all decked out in racing or competition bicycle gear.  If the statutes listed above make them traffic, they should have to get a license.  Also, they are using the roads that car, truck, and motorcycle tabs and fees pay to maintain.  While a bicycle doesn't impact the integrity of the roads like a motor vehicle does, why don't they have to chip in?

The other thing I see is dedicated bike lanes not being used by bicyclists, and again, that's fine, but they need to obey traffic laws.  So I propose anyone riding a bike on public roads should have to take a test on basic hand signals and what is required by the law, and also pay to have that license.  The alternative is they should have to stay on the sidewalks.  Obviously there is an issue with doing something like this, because you can't really require a ten year old to get a bicycle license.  Though with that being said, we do require kids twelve and older get their firearms safety certificate for hunting.  Do you think bicyclists should be required get a license for riding on public roads?   

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