Duluth's roadways are about to get a whole lot smoother. It's all thanks to Domino's Pizza. (No, really!)

The pizza chain has a promotion called "Paving For Pizza" which aims to fix potholes and roads in areas where they have locations. According to their website, "cracks and bumps" in the roads can cause huge damage to your pizza while it's sitting pretty in the backseat. They state they want to pave "bad roads in all 50 states so that you can get your pizza home smoothly, no matter where" you get their pizza.

Duluth is now one of the lucky areas that will reap the benefits of the contest.

According to WDIO, Duluth City Council will be asked to accept $5,000 dollars during Monday night's meeting. The city has to use the money by July 1st of next year and can only use it to fill potholes.

The city must also provide before and after pictures to prove they did indeed fill the potholes.

Any way that we can get our pizza home safe and sound is great with me.

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