I used to be the biggest fan of Sugarland and was so sad when they announced they were taking a little break. Jennifer was a new mom and wanted to fulfill a dream of putting out a solo record. Both were also shaken up from a devastating incident at one of their shows in 2011. 

They haven't been totally absent though. Both released killer albums on their own in the meantime. However, the two have a magic together that earned them numerous accolades and critical acclaim over the years and i'm glad to see them back together!

I listened to their new single this morning and wasn't sure what to expect. They have a unique sound but much has changed in the country music industry since they've gone on their hiatus.

There wasn't a ton of hype leading into single release day. There was mostly just excitement. The new song is called "Still The Same" and in short, I think the song is good. It is a safe choice and a nice comeback tune but I'm hoping they have some tricks up their sleeve for their new album because safe isn't why we love them so much!

Listen to the song and then watch my review above. Welcome back, Sugarland!

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