I always assumed Lake Superior got its name from being the biggest lake, but apparently that's not the real reason behind the name. The largest of the great lakes likely got its name before it was even realized it was the biggest.

According to LiveScience, French explorer Samuel de Champlain and scout Etienne Brule discovered Lake Superior after they discovered Lake Huron. Lake Superior is French for Lac Superieur which translates to "Upper Lake." Since it is was found north of Lake Huron, that's why its called "Lake Superior."

But it is still the most Superior lake anyway. All of the other great lakes could fit into Lake Superior, which is the world's largest freshwater body of water. One drop of water remains in the lake for 191 years because it is so big it retains water for so long.

The lake holds 3 quadrillion gallons of water, enough to cover both North & South America under a foot of water according to Lake Superior Magazine.

So while you're out enjoying the last few weeks of summer by the big Lake, now you know how it really got its name.

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