Noise, dust, and the potential for equipment movement.  That's what drivers and residents should anticipate within the Lincoln Park neighborhood part of the Twin Ports Interchange Project - starting Monday, November 7 as another round of the work unfolds.

Officials with the Minnesota Department of Transportation have shared that they will start the demolition process on the Highway 53 bridges portion that's remaining within the Lincoln Park neighborhood. Work crews will start the demolition at Superior Street and gradually work their way up the hill, removing the parts of the Highway 53 bridge structure that's no longer needed.

The work is expected to occur between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM daily.  However, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is cautioning that some night time demolition may take place until 9:00 PM.

The anticipated timeline for the work hasn't been shared by MNDOT, so the completion date is unknown at this time.  Essentially, the work will progress along the route until all of the remaining bridge structure portions of Highway 53 are demolished and removed from the site.

Demolition and removal of the remaining Highway 53 Bridge structure is another sign of progress for the multi-year Twin Ports Interchange Project.  That work zone is expected to remain open throughout the upcoming winter season.  Recently, the traffic configurations for both northbound and southbound I-35 were reinstalled within their usual placement - with the southbound lanes notably coming off of Lower Michigan and back onto the interstate corridor.  That set up is expected to remain in place at least through the upcoming winter months.

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