With the icy road conditions becoming a regular occurrence in the Duluth/Superior area, it's a good time to remind people to be smart on the road.

I get it, you want to get to work in a timely fashion in the morning. I'm right there with you, but not at the risk of damaging my vehicle. I would rather take the extra 5 minutes on my commute and not fishtail into the other lane. If you are that worried about getting to work on time, leave a little early from home.

On two separate occasions this morning, other drivers felt the need to put others in danger with their driving. Both instances involved the other driver tailgating me and then trying to pass me when the roads were clearly slick. One of the other drivers actually fishtailed after passing me.

I'm not driving slow for the entertainment purposes. I'm doing it so when I have to brake, I don't have to rely on sliding to a stop. I would like to avoid a situation where I'm praying I don't slam into the person in front of me.

So please, if someone is taking it slow in front of you on the roads, don't be the person who is driving right behind them and making things uncomfortable and dangerous.


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