My craft room looks like total chaos and one reason is that it's hard to get rid of anything, ANYTHING!  But, as I continue to do craft projects, I keep accumulating crafting supplies that I didn't use.  The Duluth Public Library had a great idea and turned it into an event that we can all benefit from.

You can swap your unwanted extra supplies at the West Duluth Branch Library, 5830 Grand Avenue on Thursday, September 10 starting at 6:30.  Craft materials that you swap should obviously be in good condition and usable by others.  You'll be able to swap them for something new.

What do you have?  There's lots to swap, crafting supplies, tools, books and DVDs. If you have a specific craft you do, the library staff is making it easy to find the supplies you might be looking for.  They're setting up stations for quilting and sewing, knitting and crocheting, embroidery, jewelry, and paper crafts.

Please come prepared to swap your materials for something that is equal in value to what you've brought, it should be fair for everyone involved.

For more information, you can call the West Duluth Branch Library at 730-4280.

One of the crafts I do as hostess gifts is washcloth bunnies.  They really come in handy around Easter but can be given in a basket with baby soap for baby showers.  For hostess gifts you can give it with dish soap.   I thought I would include the video my family and I made on how to make washcloth bunnies.

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