My family and I had to celebrate our Easter with dinner a little early due to work schedules (if you go out to eat on Easter Sunday, tip your waitstaff well).  After dinner, the kids and took five minutes to whip up some easy to make washcloth bunnies to be used as hostess gifts for friends and family that will be making our Easter dinner on Sunday.  Here are the instructions and our video (try not to laugh, I don't do DIY craft videos very often....or ever)!


Materials Needed To Make Your Bunny (based on one bunny, multiply materials for additional bunnies)

  • thin washcloth (color of your choice)
  • 1/2 inch pom-pom for nose
  • cotton ball for tail
  • 12 inch length of 1/8 inch wide ribbon (color of your choice)
  • rubber band
  • 7-millimeter googly eyes
  • 1 miniature plastic egg
  • hot glue gun (with adult supervision)

Visual Diagram

bunny instructions
Cathy Kates


  • 1

    The Bunny Body

    Place the thin washcloth open-faced on a table.  Imagine a diagonal line in the center.  Roll cloth from upward from the lower corner to the imaginary line, then roll from the opposite corner downward to meet in the middle. With the "seam" on the inside, fold rolled cloth in half.  Bend loose ends up and then back.

  • 2

    Securing the Bunny Ears and Face

    Next take your rubber band and wind it about one inch in around the open end of the washcloth.  Pull up the ends to form the ears.  The end of the washcloth will be the face. Tie your ribbon around the rubber band with the bow in front of the ears.

  • 3

    Cuteness 101: Giving Your Bunny Personality

    Now it's time to give your bunny some personality by securing the eyes, nose and tail. Using the hot glue gun (with adult supervision) glue eyes to the face.  Next, glue the pom-pom on for the nose.  Finally, glue the cotton ball on the opposite side for the tail.  Once the hot glue has cooled, you're bunny is ready to delight!

  • 4

    Some Ideas

    The space behind the ears is the perfect size for a plastic egg.  I used mine this year as plate decorations and the kids had $$$ in their eggs.  They are also darling sitting in an Easter basket filled with candy, on a buffet table as decoration or use kitchen washcloths instead of bathroom washcloths and give a basket of bunnies as a hostess gift on Easter Sunday.  After all the cooking your host/hostess is doing for you, they would probably appreciate some new kitchen washcloths :)

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