Country stars - they are just like us! Jordan Davis became an honorary Minnesotan over the weekend.

Jordan was in town playing back-to-back shows at The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. He had one show on Friday (January 17th) and another the following night. He could have taken the time to relax and lay low but instead he did as the Minnesotans do - he went ice fishing! Ha!

His brother shared a photo of their adventure on his Instagram page. Check it out below:

I think it is awesome that Jordan and his brother took on the bold outdoors while in town, especially this time of year! Most artists would probably just hide indoors and we don't blame them. To make things even more impressive, we saw a snowstorm across the state over the weekend and they STILL weren't scared away. I love it!

By the way - if you're looking to go ice fishing, this Northern Minnesota town was just named the best place in the country to do so. Not too shabby!

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