The other day I saw a post from someone bashing millennials on their Facebook page. The person, who will remain anonymous, was bashing millennials for complaining about everything and never stepping up to do anything about it. He claimed that millennials have never had to fight in a war, never had any real hardships, and were basically useless members of society. Now, that's an extreme case and I understand that. Also, it's ironic that the person who wrote that post was in fact also a millennial. They just didn't know it.  Let me continue.

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In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were slamming millennials for going out to beaches and refusing to follow social guidelines. They were referring to those college students who were partying and getting everybody sick. But, here's the shocking news to them. Those aren't millennials. That's the next generation Z.

According to Pew Research, the Millennial Generation consists of those people that were born between 1981 and 1997. So here in 2020, that makes the older millennials (like myself) as old as 39 years old. The youngest would typically be out of college already at the age of 23. Millenials represent a much broader group of people than the stereotype would suggest. So therefore, I wanted to share some common misconceptions that a lot of us encounter daily.

Misconceptions Set Straight About Millenials

So let me end with the following observation. Every generation is critical of the generation that follows. If you're a baby boomer you were a lazy hippy. If you are a Gen Xer, then you might relate to the misunderstood "Breakfast Club." And fellow millenials, we will some day be critical of Generation Z. It's just human nature.

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