This is scary.

The Cloquet Police Department shared some scary news on their Facebook page Wednesday, writing about an incident that occurred at a local park.

According to the post, officers responded to Pinehurst Park earlier in the day for a report of a found, uncapped needle.

This isn't a first - they continued, writing they've "seen a growing trend of finding hypodermic needles littered across our community including our city parks and areas where children play."

They ask those that are responsible for not picking up after themselves to be considerate of the public and dispose of the needles properly.

It is not known if the needle was used for illegal substances or for someone with a medical condition.

The department encourages parents to educate their kids about the dangers of these needles and what to do if they see one. They also say it is fine to call 9-1-1 if you spot one.

The Duluth Police Department also spoke out about the issue in March, as they saw a growing number of needles left behind in public places.

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