We've all heard of the growing drug problem in the Northland.  One of the sad and scary things that come as a result are discarded syringes that are left behind in public places. 

It's become common enough that the Duluth Police Department took to their Facebook page to provide instructions should anyone discover a syringe.

In short, Duluth Police advise:

If you come across a syringe, you can contact the Sharps Hotline at (218) 730-4001 and can be called 24/7.

It's a sad state of affairs when instructions like this even have to be provided to a community and it clearly shows how big an issue drugs truly are in the Northland.  While not all syringes are used for drugs, I would guess that people who use them for other purposes wouldn't discard them in such a manner.

It's important that everyone reports a syringe if they see one, don't just walk on by.  While you may have avoided contact, if it's not reported to the Sharps Hotline as instructed, it will be left behind for another person or animal to possibly be hurt or infected.

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