Now that the Superior Street Reconstruction project is going full steam ahead, you might be wondering what they'll do with all the old bricks that used to pave the street.  Care for a souvenir? 

The City Of Duluth took to Facebook to announce that the old Superior Street bricks, which were put in place back in 1985, can be purchased for $15 a piece.  The bricks are imprinted with "City Of Duluth" and would make a nostalgic gift for you or for a former resident looking for something unique from the area.

The only way to purchase one of these bricks is to go directly to Duluth City Hall, room 107.  They're only accepting cash or check, so don't bother bringing your check card.

Also, if your dream is to pave your driveway or sidewalk with these circa 1985 Duluth bricks, you'll have to put that dream on hold as bulk quantity purchases are currently not available.

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