Earlier this year, shards of old aluminum cans began to be discovered on a section of Park Point in Duluth. At that time, the City of Duluth and the the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) alerted the public that "the cans are believed to have been inadvertently deposited when dredge materials were placed on the far north beach section this past fall. Dredge material was placed on the beach after the Park Point Community Club and Park Point residents approached the City and other partners with shoreline erosion concerns exacerbated by high water levels."

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers promised to work with the City to develop a plan for cleanup and on Wednesday, April 14, an update was provided to the community.

According to our media partners at WDIO-TV, the Corp will begin a survey of the dredged material within the month to locate all of the the shredded aluminum cans that were inadvertently placed on the beach along with dredged material. They anticipate the survey to take around two weeks to complete.

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Once that survey is done and that area is cleaned up, a second phase of beach nourishment will begin. This second phase will start near 9th and 10th street on Park Point and extend to the S-curve. If all goes to plan, this should start near mid-July and be done sometime in September.

Beach access will be restricted during this time and the public is asked to stay away from the area until the project is complete.

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