Lynn Olmsted is known by two names,  Aunt Lynn, and Grandma Lynnie. I've been asking for your tattoos to show off and if you have a story, to share it. She got a tattoo, and it was quite the decision. My Grandpa Irv, her dad, didn't believe in getting pierced ears or tattoos, especially ladies, but she got one anyway.

She wanted to get a tattoo to honor her Mom, June Olmsted, my Grandma June. So she searched for the right thing to have tattooed on her arm.

My Grandma bought her a prayer necklace, these are necklaces you write a prayer and put it in the necklace for your prayer to come true. She also put a prayer into the necklace. Some years later, my Aunt found this rolled up piece of paper in the prayer necklace, she took it out and unrolled it. It was something my Grandma had written years before and put in. My Aunt decided to have that note in the exact writing make into the tattoo.The next thing she wanted was a border, she found a heard border online and asked the tattoo artist to add it. Well, it wasn't the straightest heart border, but it would work.

Lynn had the tattoo put on her arm on my Grandma June's Birthday to honor her on that day. She told me that she read somewhere that ancient people believed if you wrote things on your body they could become spiritual and a statement for that person. So, she wanted this written on her body.

Since I have asked for tattoos from everyone my Aunt sent me hers and so I wanted to share this story with you. Send me your story,


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