I started a little album on my facebook page called Chris Allen and You, it was an album of pictures of me and another person taken while I was out broadcasting or hosting. Then it changed into everyone getting a selfie with me. So, people started coming up to me and asking for a selfie, then this happened.

Linda messaged me on facebook and said she wanted to do a selfie with me but couldn't make it to many of my broadcasts, could I come and see her. So I did, and met another facebook friend of mine named Rhonda. There was a time constraint, they could only do it on their lunch break. I grabbed my phone and went to the Greysolen Plaza in downtown Duluth. When I met them there, I decided I needed to make this a photo shoot. We went around the room and took pics in the elevator, on a bench, on the stairs, and outside the lounge.

It turned out to be a fun day, and made me think. I could get so many more of these. Next time you see me out, step up and get a selfie with me. I am going to keep collecting and posting them on our KOOL 101.7 website.



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