This isn't a great way to end a year. I guess you could say this story is a crappy way to end 2022, right? Some criminals were caught hiding from police in a very disgusting place, to put it lightly.

Weird crime stories were at an all time high in 2022. While crime is nothing new, it seems like there were some very odd stories relating to crime that took place frequently. For example, late last year, a man dressed like a witch and robbed a kiosk at Mall Of America.

Around the same time, a man dressed as Jeffrey Dahmer was busted banging on car windows in the St. Paul area one night. He was angry, according to a report at that time, because someone threw eggs at his car. This was around the time the Netflix show about the serial killer came out, which explains the costume.

One of the strangest stories to come out of Minnesota last year, though? A man dressed in a Harry Potter costume went door to door to businesses in Minneapolis. He was wearing a cape and had a wand in hand and simply, wanted to visit some businesses face to face.

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Criminals, of course, had to get one last weird story in and something about this one definitely smells! This crime took place in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, which is just a few hours from the Twin Ports.

The crime in question took place around 6:30 p.m. on Friday, December 30th. Details were shared on Facebook by Cottage Grove Minnesota Public Safety. According to their post, four individuals stole a car from a home in the area and drove away.

About an hour after the theft, cops spotted the car and all four people fled on foot to nearby areas. Two were apprehended pretty quickly and the other two? They took hiding to new heights, hiding out in a porta-potty. No thank you!

Nobody wants to be hiding in a porta-potty, let's be honest. This particular porta-potty was in a housing development nearby, which gave them an opportunity to hide for a bit from the cops. Those things are very small so I am grossed out just thinking about it. I guess that is what you call karma, right?

FOX 9 reports that all four individuals responsible for the crime are teenagers who may be responsible for other car thefts in the area. I am sure after running and hiding in the porta-potty, these criminals were flushed!

Oddly enough, this isn't the only story about porta-potties to make headlines in 2022. Motorists in Wisconsin encountered several portable toilets on an interstate last summer that flew out of a flatbed truck. Toilet paper was not included.

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