Welp, this is not something that you see - or read about - everyday. I guess, in terms of things that have been happening lately, it isn't all that bad either!

There have been some weird headlines lately. It might be the fall weather or just a long few years, but weird crimes seem to be happening more frequently than usual. Recently, someone stole a bench out of a quiet neighborhood. Yes, a bench.

Earlier this month, a Minnesotan committed not one but two different thefts within half an hour from each other. He basically solved his own case after leaving his I.D. behind at the scene of the first crime.

Of course, there was also the story of a Rochester woman causing a major scene at a local sub shop because she thought the size of her sub was too small. The ordeal led to multiple assaults and injuries.

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Thankfully, this story involves nothing of the sort but it is really amazing. I follow a Twitter account that tracks crime in and around Minnesota and let out a chuckle when I saw something they tweeted on Wednesday (September 28th).

While little details are known, from the outside, this seems comical. A Minnesota male was spotted channeling his best Harry Potter in a Harry Potter cape and a "stick or wand" in his hand.

He was going into various offices in and around the area of 1st Avenue and North 3rd Street in Minneapolis. This happened around 10 in the morning. I don't know what I would do if I was sitting in an office and a Harry Potter lookalike walked in.

In all seriousness, there was a welfare check done on the male, with no further update. Nobody was injured or threatened by the man. Maybe he was just trying out his Halloween costume a month early?

In more serious crime news, a Mankato man was charged after he pointed a gun at some kids in his neighborhood. While he denied it at the time, all the kids he allegedly pointed the gun at all told the same story.

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