When I first moved into my office a while ago, I got a lot of grief about the bare walls and lack of decor.  (They should have seen some of my first apartments.)  Slowly I started receiving gifts from people, and apparently everyone thinks I'm a nerd.

Ok, so I am a nerd.  In fact I'm thinking about going full on nerd and putting up some posters in here.  I'm thinking maybe a Han Solo poster...  Star Trek NG poster, maybe a Battlestar Galactica old school poster.   I should probably throw some country superstars on there as well.  I'll keep you posted.

By the way, if you could see them, I have a miniature Darth Vader easter egg head on my tower, a giant C3P0 Pez Dispenser, and a Star Wars pen.  Oh, and don't forget about my nerdy desktop.

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