Oh yes I did and I was thrilled!  My family has been going to Gordy's Hi-Hat since the day I was born, literally.  I was born at the Cloquet Hospital which is blocks from Gordy's Hi-Hat.  My father got tired of waiting for my arrival and left for lunch.  While he was AT Gordy's I was born and they had to call him back.  Gordy's has countless fans because they know exactly what they're getting when they walk through the door.  Delicious hand-crafted food made with customer satisfaction in mind.  But, have you ever been on the other side of the counter?

It was incredible for me to go "behind the scenes" with family owners Dan Lundquist and his son Sever to experience Gordy's like never before.  You'll appreciate the Lundquist family and their staff even more for their attention to detail and their never ending dedication to keeping their customers happy as you'll see in the video.

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