Many fair weather motorcyclist in the Northland say that it's just "now" getting comfortable to ride (mid-June through mid Sept).  However, there's a company in Duluth, MN that can extend that time frame and keep your body much safer if you were to have an accident on two wheels.  We'll take you on the three floors of this amazing factory that ships world wide.

Kyle takes us on a tour of Aerostich, at 1 Eight South 18th Avenue West in Duluth.  A facility that many riders can say, "has saved their lives".  We'll show and explain their crash wall.  We'll demonstrate how each suit is the pride of perhaps one or two individuals who take the time to ensure it's perfection.  Of course, they have more than just riding suits, we'll probe Kyle for what other products they have and learn of their newest suit innovation.  Lastly, they are always looking for associates that want to work with a company that values the talents of their employees, we'll tell you how to apply.

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