Upper Lakes Foods in Cloquet is celebrating their 50th anniversary of business and after meeting with the family and getting a tour of the facility I wondered how many people know the thought that actually goes into what they do to ensure the utmost freshest and timely delivery of food. It’s interesting to find out the timelines they have when food arrives and is stored to when it is placed on the truck for delivery. Pallets as high as the eye can see filled with product; freezers, refrigerators as big as whole rooms and bags of carrots and fresh produce that are incredibly huge.

We had so much fun laughing and chatting our way through the tour, it’s both educational and interesting. It will give you an appreciation for the family owned business that has chosen the community of Cloquet as it’s home base. I know that every time I see an Upper Lakes Food truck I will think of how much thought the Sorenson family and their staff have put into that load to ensure it’s delivered fresh, at the precise temperature and on time. The video will give you a better understanding of what I’m talking about.  Once again, congratulations and thank you to a local, family owned business that has provided our friends and neighbors with jobs for years.

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