We've been blessed with a very mild fall and winter so far.  But, inevitably cabin fever will set in like it does every year by mid January.   There's plenty of outdoor things to do if you dress warm enough, like skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and so on.  But what about fun experiences indoors for those really bitter cold days?



  • Nick Cooper / TSM
    Nick Cooper / TSM

    Shop Downtown Duluth Using The Skywalk

    The skywalk system in Downtown Duluth is wonderful for getting around and enjoying what Duluth has to offer.  Stay warm by avoiding having to go outside!  You can even cross the interstate to get to the DECC in comfort.  It's truly a great thing our city has to offer.

  • Nick Cooper/TSM~Duluth
    Nick Cooper/TSM~Duluth

    DECC & AMSOIL Arena

    The DECC and AMSOIL Arena have many events that happen throught the year.  Catch a Bulldogs hockey game!  How about a performance in DECC's symphony hall?  There's the yearly expos and shows at Pioneer Hall, and even concerts that come to town.  Be sure to check on their events throughout the year so you don't miss out!

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    google maps

    Duluth's Children Museum

    If you've got younger kids, this is a great place to go to burn off some energy.  Parents, you'll understand how important this can be in the winter.

  • Nick Cooper - TSM
    Nick Cooper - TSM


    You can easily spend an afternoon or evening at Fitgers. Theres small shops throughout the complex, plus multiple great places to dine.  Check out Fitgers Downtown with convenient parking!

  • Google Street View
    Google Street View

    The Depot

    If you haven't been to The Depot, it's a really fun place to bring the family.  Enjoy history of the trains, and actually climb aboard them!  Also at the depot is the Duluth Playhouse!

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